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Cool thing is, when you win, you only pay what you have bid! Even if the price is ridiculously low. Good Luck! It's FREE to bid and there is No Catch!

Bid Price: $
The 13-inch MacBook
With a durable polycarbonate shell and vibrant, glossy display, MacBook is eye-catching all over.

MacBook comes standard with a 160GB hard drive, providing plenty of room for music, photos, videos, and more. Or upgrade to 500GB of storage.
* Intel Core 2 Duo
* 2GB DDR2 Memory
* 160GB hard drive1
* NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics
* Standard keyboard
* White polycarbonate shell

With its faster Intel processor, faster memory and larger hard drive, MacBook is a full-powered, full-featured, do-it-all notebook.

Cost per bid: FREE

Retail Price: $999.00

Link to Manufacturer:

The more people that bid, the faster the auction closes so tell your friends to play!

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