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Online auction sites alternative to eBay!

When the internet was still young we never would have imagined how wide its effect would be on the world and even how we buy things as today, we can now purchase on the internet with online auction sites. Now, everything that you need can be found on the internet. All you have to do is to just point and click on a link or use a web search engine to find what you want. Businesses, whether they are big or small, have taken advantage of this technology and have created a whole new way of shopping for goods. The large businesses create their own websites which usually shows a catalogue of the merchandise they sell. Small businesses, on the other hand, commonly rely on social networking sites such as multiply or Facebook to market their goods. Business paired with the worldwide connectivity of the internet allows for a wider consumer market. Another kind of business that greatly capitalized on the internet boom is the online auction sites. Websites like online auction sites eBay, webstore, uBid are some of the biggest online auction sites on the internet today. Most, if not all, of these sites often go along with the normal auctioning ways.

People can search the items on online auctions and online auction sites that they want on these websites and they can bid on them.

There is of course a starting bid to get the other bidders going. Whoever has the highest bid when the bidding ends wins the auction and gets the item. There is this other online auction sites that I have found on the internet that has puts a whole new twist on online auctioning. When I found, I was totally flabbergasted by how they run their auctioning scheme. This website quickly found its way to the top of the five my most favorite online auctioning sites.

Let me present my top five online auction sites that I rank as the best online auction websites. on the top 1 of the list of 5 online bidding auction websites and online auction sites.

1. – this website definitely flabbergasted me when I first saw it. Who would have ever thought that you could get really great items for less than the shipping cost you would pay. Yes, that is right. You only have to pay ridiculously low amounts for various electronics such as laptops, digital cameras, flat screen TVs, iPods, and other gadgets. Let me explain how their auctioning works. Items that they auction are either from donations from very generous people or from companies who want to promote and advertise their products. The bidding starts at $0.01. You read it right. The bidding starts at that crazily low amount. The bidders will have to bid the lowest amount possible to win the auction after a specific time period. The bidder who has bid on the lowest unique amount will win the auction. By unique I mean that there are no other people who have bid the same amount. All the auction winner has to do is to pay for the amount that he bid on plus the shipping fee and the item will be sent to their house. This idea definitely blew my mind. I would never have thought that I could be able to buy a laptop for such a cheap price.

online auction sites2. – almost everyone knows this website. They are one of the pioneering online auction sites on the internet. After all these years, eBay still caters to a lot of clients. For a fee, sellers can auction there items. Although they have the highest fee to pay for posting and item, they still have a very wide user base. They also have websites for your locality.

3. – much like eBay, webstore lets people auction off their goods. The point of comparison for the two is this website has no fees for posting goods on their online auction sites.

4. – this online auction sites is almost considered as the small brother of eBay. This online auction sites offers lower fees for posting and selling auctioned goods and also has a solid user base. Registration is also free for this online auction sites.

5. – the advantage this online auction sites has over the others is that you can create your own little online shop where you can cross reference your goods to other merchandise you also sell. Small fees have to be paid to put up your goods but there is no registration fees needed.

So these are my top five things about online bidding auction sites and online auction sites.

Whenever you are feeling tired of going to the mall to shop for items and you are looking for great quality stuff, try visiting these sites. But the one online auction sites that I highly recommend is which gives people a whole new way of bidding online. Just a final friendly reminder for those of you who love to do online shopping through best online auction sites is to be careful with who you deal with. You should always check if they are verified users and if they have a good history with online selling. So what are you waiting for? Start bidding on these online auction sites now!


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Online auction sites alternative to eBay!
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