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Welcome to Win Cheap Stuff! This online auction lets you get awesome merchandise at inanely low prices!

Just guess the lowest price for the item. The lowest unique guess is the winner.

Cool thing is, when you win, you only pay what you have bid! Even if the price is ridiculously low. Good Luck! It's FREE to bid and there is No Catch!

How does this online auction work?

Well you basically have between 2 and 15 guesses for any merchendise you wish to win. Whatever the lowest unique bid is, that person wins. So say you bid $5.31 and 5 other people have bid that then you will not win. But if you are the only person who put that bid in, and it's the lowest bid then you win! It's really that simple.

How much do I have to pay to bid?

Actually, its FREE to bid. The only time you pay something is when you win, you pay the amount you bid and the shipping for the item. Unlike other online auction websites, you do not have to pay anything to play the game. is free to use!

You cannot bid $0.00. The minimum bid is $0.01

When does each auction end?

The Auction ends when the number of bids required have reached the maximum so the more people that bid and play, the faster the auction closes. So tell your friends to play!

Basically there is a minimum and maximum limit of bids required for each product. When the last bid available is made and the winner is chosen as being the person with the lowest unique bid. The amount of bids left is represented as a percentage. When there are no bids remaining (0%) the auction is over and a winner is declared. WINNING IS EASY!

Time based auctions have a set date for when the auction ends regardless of whether there is one bid or 1000 bids. When the end time is reached the person with the lowest unique bid is declared the winner.

Is the merchendise I receive new?

Yes. We buy the goods as soon as you win brand new from a supplier near your place. Some of the merchendise is donated by the suppliers to promote their products. All you have to pay is the price you bid and the shipping. It really is that simple.

What about shipping and handling?

Since you are already getting the merchendise at a amazingly low price, possibly even the cheapest prices on the internet for laptops, computers, cameras, phones etc etc. So it is only fair that you also pay the shipping. Shipping within Australia is usually from $10-$20AUD and within USA is usually $15-$30USD The costs are depending on the weight of the product.

How do I Win?


For example lets say these are the bids

0.01 <- This is the lowest bid BUT not unique
0.03 <- This is the lowest unique bid, so this is the winner!

Only bid that is the lowest? Please explain

If you are the ONLY person who bid the lowest then you win. So say 5 people bid $0.06 then none of those 5 people win. But if 1 person bid $0.10 and NO ONE ELSE bid $0.10 and it's the lowest bids out of all the bids then that bidder wins!

When 2 or more people bid the same amount then that bid loses because too many people bid on that number. The price has to be the lowest and you have to be the only person to guess that price.

Create an Account to bid.

To start bidding, simply create an account by filling out the very small easy form. (Just your Email and Password). Then just go ahead and confirm your email. (We will send you an email with a link, so just click on that to confirm).

Now that you have validated your email you are ready to bid! So just find the item you want and click BID NOW

How many bids can I make?

To make it fair for everyone, we have set a limit of times each person can bid. Usually it is between 2 and 15 bids. Once the auction ends and starts brand new again, then you can start bidding all over again.

What do I do when I have won?

If you have won an auction, you will be notified by email. We will ask you for all the details required for delivery and then pay the amount of your winning bid (we accept most forms of payment worldwide). Once this has been completed we will arrange delivery of the item as soon as possible.

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